3D LED Lamp - Flying IM

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This unique novelty item is a marvel in any room. Featuring the famous iron armored superhero, this product is a mesh between comic book art and innovative technology.  An acrylic piece, only about 5mm thick, is laser engraved with the perfectly illustrated technologically enhanced hero and illuminated to create a vivid 3d stereoscopic visual for the captivated viewer.  

Although the 3d visual effect is only an illusion created through innovation and creativity, this night lamp still serves the purpose of being a great mood enhancer.  Whether you are a fan or simply looking for something to dazzle your room, this 3d lamp delivers.  

Great for all age groups, this marvel piece makes a great gift for any occasion.  It's convenient, safe and easy to use.  Just lightly touch the touch switch and you will have 7 gradient colors to cycle though or pick your favorite.  You'll never have to worry about power as this is High Quality LED light source with low power consumption, as well as long lifespan.  Add this to your night light collection now.