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Our Baby Travel Pee Trainer Potty Sealing performance of urine bucket is good. There are two styles: the yellow for boys, and the red for girls. Cartoon image, your baby will like it. Lightweight, easy to carry, and you can carry it where you want to go.

This product is very practical, whether, in the supermarket, hospital, highway, park, department stores, car, and other public places whenever baby/toddler/kids need to pee urgently, it comes in handy to avoid kids wetting the pants and causing embarrassment. 

Made of high-quality material, strong hardness and not easy to break. Humanized design, different gender, different design. The boy type adopts snap fastener design, the girl type adopt screw cap design.
Very cute cartoon characters, attract babies and more to be populated. Leakproof design, internal leakproof cap, bottle flat or inverted, the liquid in the bottle will not leak. Portable strip design, convenient to carry, clean and sanitary.